Plant Biotechnology

As the human population increases, the challenges of meeting global requirements for food security become increasingly difficult. Students on this two year programme will have the space to explore how we might modify our approaches to plant cultivation to meet rapidly changing climates, and what genetic and molecular tools we can use to generate nutritional, resistant, and diverse food crops for the future. Students will also acquire an understanding of the need for sustainable biotechnological solutions. This, coupled with state of the art laboratories, affords enterprising students the space to accelerate the development of new products and compete globally in this sector.

This programme will cover
Exchange and Travel opportunities
Professional opportunities

Students graduating from the programme will find employment opportunities within a variety of industries both national and international. They will also possess the skills to develop their own business ideas or continue into further university-based research settings.

Admission Requirements

Applicants of all nationalities can visit the admission page to learn more about the admission process. More Details

Core Subjects Sub-core Product Pathway Based Specializations
Molecular biology Plant Physiology, Growth & Development Bioprocess Design
  • Metabolomics
  • Photobioreactor Operations
  • Upstream & Downstream Processing
Genetic engineering Pathway Analysis & Engineering Plant Diagnostics
  • Assay design & development
  • Biosensor & chip design
  • Nanobiotechnology
Genomics Genetics & Molecular Breeding Plant Tissue Culture
  • Plant Cell & Tissue culture
  • Photobioreactor Operations
Proteomics Transgenics
  • Plant Cell & Tissue culture
  • Genomic selection
  • Gene Editing Selection & validation of transgenics